Wierd Little Boy

I think the wierd little boy in the picture is laughing.That was my caption for this wierd picture.The picture with thr little boy who looks like he is laughing while biting his tounge.This picture reminds me of myself because when I am about to say something I will regret I bite my tounge.


I  am  tall. I  have  long, long, long   hair  the  color  is purple, green, yellow, blue, pink  and  green. The  only  way  I  am like  others  is  that  I  love  hannging  out  with  my  friends.  One  way  I  am  “NOT” like others  my age is  that  I DO NOT go to school. The most unusual thing about  is  that  I HATE choclate bars.My dog “Reck” is the only one that influences me.One thing that disturbes me is when people CAN NOT except me for me.My name is Carolina Atheen Monroe.

Colbie Caillat new album Fallin For You

One of my favorite albums by Colbie Caillat is Fallin For You.I like this album because when I listen to it its just another chance for me to listen to Colbies pretty voice.For the people who dont know who Colbie cailat is or if just dont know any thing about her I will tell you.She grew up some where in Hawaii.Shes  was born in France.My favorite song in her album is You got me.Well peace out home slices.

Hey I am Emily!

Hi Iam Emily moore.Iam 12.I babysitt.I LOVE the movie Toy Story.My favorite place to be at is Disney Land.My favorite ride their is Its A Small World After All.I can be anoying .I have a really BIG temper.I am most of the time impatint and I could be really mean sometimes .I have so much family I am not eaven going to take the time to list them all.Iam not that friendly.I love drama!Drama tv shows,drama musicals.  :)I like a bunch a diffrent music! I really love Kesha,Never shout never,Escape The Fate,Spose Travie McCoy.I have three brothers and two sisters I love them all.Oh and I love txting.One of my hobbies is going on face book.Face book is a drug to me!